I'm loving the book. It's causing me late nights as I finish one chapter and think "Just one more!" 
I think the book is going to be SO popular and a great asset in witnessing and encouraging. Thanks for your obedience to the Lord in putting it together. I looked at my own story and was so pleased with the way you've edited it. This is such a great book to glorify God. Thank you for writing it.
- Dr. Dave Walker, author of God in the ICU

I am reading the book and I'm very impressed with how well it is written. I appreciate the way you edited parts of Craig's testimony to make it sound so much better without taking away from the truth. You are an awesome writer and I thank you for the opportunity for Craig's story to be in print. I'm looking forward to ordering more copies for friends and family.
- Judy Simpson

Received my copy today and I'm reading it now and loving it! Face-booking all my friends and family to order it. God bless all your hard work and thank you for sharing my testimony in your book. God bless you and yours.
-Michelle Armstrong

I have to tell you, this book is so good and so well written, you don't need an endorsement.
I could have sold the book ten times over yesterday. I told everyone in the store about it and they say they want to buy it as soon as it is available.
- Susan Abar-Berger, author of best-selling book about her own personal miracle, Against All Odds, Two Pennies, A Rainbow and a Woman Called Mercy

This book is just awesome! How inspiring and encouraging to read others' testimonies. I'm sure it has been a labor of love for God and a lot of research was involved. God bless you for all you are doing for our Lord. I sure hope to meet you someday!
- Wendolyn Lawson, author of God's Madcap Missionary

You captured exactly what I was hoping my testimony would be. You did a wonderful job.
- Reverend Richard Brock

I'm loving the book and I'm very pleased with my story in it!
You do an amazing job of conveying the supernatural power of God Who is working in the lives of His Children! What a gift you have and you are to the Body of Christ.
What a blessing.
Praying that many lives will be touched and changed through the testimonies of Supervention.
- Crossroads Apostolic Ministries Pastor Shelia Hartt Art, Outrageous Grace author.

I was truly encouraged by your book and so touched by some of the stories. I found your book to be a second lifeline to remind me of God's great mysterious power. You (the author) are a person who loves our wonderful Lord and you've chosen to use your talents to make His love and power known to many. I really love the book.
- Glory Brown

I just love the book. It is very impressive. I love the testimonies I have read so far. So professionally done, and just a wonderful book. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful project. This is the finest publication I have been a part of. Blessings to you for bringing this to all of us, especially those seeking a better life with Jesus Christ.
- Lynn Gipson, devotional and inspirational writer, member of Faith Writers.

Beware the Third Circle
Beyond Fantasy Series -Book 2
(paperback) ISBN 978-1604816853

Often compared to Christian author, Frank Peretti, Ford is a three-time First Place Award Winning Author in both regional and national writing contests. Her Beyond Fantasy books have been purchased by Tri-Lake Christian Academy in Branson, Missouri, for their biblical message regarding current media fascination with paranormal and occult themes.

Rockford Labor News
Rockford, Illinois

Harriett Ford's latest book is out and fans are already grabbing it off the shelves.
Many in Rockford know Mrs. Ford from her years reporting Police Beat for the Rockford Labor News and from her popular book, Shadow in the Rain, based on the Illinois Ted Kuhl murder case.

She has gone on to write, Frankly Madame, a paranormal suspense-romance, the first in the Beyond Fantasy series of books that examine the paranormal from in a biblical perspective. The book placed first in the Ozark's Romance Authors' Weta Chapter One Writer's Contest. The series has been purchased by Branson Tri-Lakes Community Christian High School.

Ford's second book in the Beyond Fantasy series,Beware he Third Circle, has been released. Readers are again comparing the writing style to Christian-suspense novelist Frank Perreti. In this story the spunky character, Kayle Flame O'Reilly, takes a look at UFO cults and their claims (from a biblical point of view) while escaping from a determined cult, all the while dealing with a witch's curse and a jealous rival.

Ford, a three-times First-Place award winning author in both regional and national writing contests, says readers hooked on the Twilight vampire-romance series are buying her Beyond Fantasy books and already are asking for the third in the series. Parents and grandparents are buying the series for youngsters who are fastinated with paranormal, and sometimes dangerous entertainment.

Beware the Third Circle is available at, from Ford's website. The books may be ordered from your local bookstores.

Shadow In The Rain
ISBN# 0977820521 : 274 p.
Helm Publishing
3923 Seward Ave.
Rockford, IL 61108

Publisher's Opinion
The story you will find between the pages of this work will keep you absorbed from beginning to end. Our author takes us into the world of murder, one that hangs in my opinion as unsolved and very disturbing. In 1989, a young woman was shot in the parking lot of a local bar and grill by a supposed jealous boyfriend. He was arrested, tried and put into prison for her murder. From the beginning, this case is running over with police blunders, no DNA testing, alibis not checked, suspects let go, and railroading by the district attorney.

Rockford Labor News -- December 6-7, 2007 -  Page 3


     Harriett Ford, author of the tantalizing suspense-romance novel, Shadow In the Rain, is returning to Barnes and Noble book store by request for a second time to sign books on Friday, December 14 at the new Cherry- Vale Mall location.
      The book is a fictionalized story based on the Rockford trial and conviction of Ted Kuhl, without forensic evidence, no weapon, no motive and a single witness who changed his story 16 times as a matter of court record.  It includes a romantic and suspenseful story line (fiction) but all fats of the investigation are accurate.

Shadow iIn the Rain is selling out wherever Ford signs copies.
      She recently traveled to Eastern State College in Wilburton, Oklahoma to speak on the topic, Journalism and its impact on the Crimial Justice System.
Area bookstore spokesmen say requests are being made for the book on a regular basis, and suggest that signed copies are a unique holiday gift and a slice of local history.   
Want a personalized copy?  Stop by the store at CherryVale on Friday and speak to the author who is pleased to answer questions about the tantalizing case.

Helm Publishing
Published: May 21, 2007

Fact or fiction? Former reporter's new novel examines a local murder case. What happens when someone is convicted of murder without forensic evidence or a murder weapon?

Author Harriet Ford tackles that question in her new book, "Shadow in the Rain," based on a real Rockford murder case.Ford was a reporter for the Rockford Labor News in 2000, when she covered a court hearing involving Ted Kuhl who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Janet Nivinski, outside a Loves Park bar in 1996. Ford was intrigued by what she saw and heard at the court hearing and began researching the case.

She worked with Joe Lamb, a former investigative reporter for the Rockford Register Star turned private investigator, interviewed witnesses and met with Kuhl in the Dixon prison in 2003.

"I began to hear things that made me think (Kuhl) is innocent," Ford said. "It took me a while to come to that conclusion. I could not see him as guilty, even though I tried. There was just more than reasonable doubt."

Ford decided to turn her research into a book in 2003. She worked on the book only one day or so a week while reporting full-time for the Labor News. She finished "Shadow in the Rain" in 2006 and spent the next year getting it published.

The book is technically fiction, Ford said, though it is based on Kuhl's case. She changed some names and time elements and inserted a fictional subplot. But details about investigations, interrogations and witness interviews are factual, she said.

Ford, who moved to Missouri in 2009,, will be in Rockford June 7 for a book signing at Loves Park Scuba. She's lining up additional local book signings in August at Borders and Barnes & Noble.

She intends to write a second book on the Kuhl case, she said, one that is purely nonfiction. Her hope is that readers ask enough questions that Kuhl's case is reopened or given another look. Moreover, she wants the public to be aware of cases where people have been sentenced to prison without concrete forensic evidence.

"You hear about the people who are exonerated because of DNA, but there are still prisoners who may very well be innocent but there's no DNA to pull the plug for them," Ford said. "Nobody is out there looking at those kinds of cases. There's no smoking gun to prove that these guys are wrongfully convicted. Who's going to speak for them?"

By Sarah Roberts

MidWest Book Review
Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review

I want to begin this review with one word, DISTURBING! The further I read this book the more I shook my head and thought, how could this be happening in the land of the free?

The story you will find between the pages of this work will keep you absorbed from beginning to end. Part fictional story aided by the truth, our author takes us into the world of murder, one that hangs in my opinion as unsolved and very disturbing.

In 1999, a young woman was shot in the parking lot of a local Bar & Grill, seemingly for no other reason than a jealous ex-boyfriend. He is arrested, tried and put in prison for her murder; but the question that has not been answered without considerable doubt is this - did he really pull the trigger? Is he truly a cold-blooded killer? Many say yes, others no and as far as I can see by the evidence shown within this read; the proof is definitely not in the pudding that he is guilty.

This entire story is wrapped around the true case of Ted Kuhl who has been imprisoned for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. However according to the evidence presented something is definitely amiss in this entire investigation. From the beginning it is running over with Police blunders, no DNA testing, alibis not checked, suspects let go; the entire working of this case was like that done by the Keystone Cops of yesteryear, and should be an embarrassment to our justice system. How can this be ignored? Someone in authority must step up to the plate and reopen this case for further investigation. If they don't, it certainly would seem a solid question to ask, why not? Cases have been reopened for less than what you have here.

Listen, I'm all for putting the bad guy behind bars or worse, but when the evidence in a case is so lacking and so many questions are left unanswered as in this one you just have to wonder, who doesn't want this uncovered? And who has the power to make sure it isn't?

We have the best Justice System in the world, and the best country as far as I am concerned, but even at that there are always times when something just doesn't add up. This is definitely one of those times. I am but one small voice, but this voice is yelling, "what are you thinking?" If the man is truly guilty, prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, reopen the case and answer the unanswered.

Read this book, it may scare you because we all can only pray this type of nightmare never darkens our door or those we love. America stands for Justice for All, remember, for all; Let Her Bell Ring.

Hazel Street Productions
"The Barn Door" - First Place Winner
in the Hazel Street Image-In Contest!  
I really enjoyed your story. I read "The Barn Door" and forgot I was reading a story. I couldn't put it down! I also liked your message of truth and hope, and how you got it across passionately without being preachy. I was particularly happy with how you focused the attention on the photo without seeming to do so. I do hope you consider turning it into a full novel.  The anthology should have a release date in late October or November and it will go on sale on our website at



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