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Why should you think it strange? (Acts 26:8)

When God intervenes to change the outcome supernaturally,
it's called...


Thirty-eight pastors, evangelists, missionaries, award-winning
authors, and lay people describe their personal supernatural experiences with God. Compiled and edited by award-winning faith writer, H L Ford.



booksGod Wants Me Well, Why Am I Sick?
(paperback) ISBN 978-1-4497-21336

A paralyzed teenage boy declares he is healed and walks. The sole survivor of a plane crash, a permanently injured pilot determines to fly again. A woman battles breast cancer with only the word of God and recovers. Examining these and other miracle healings, a reporter discovers not one person interviewed ever doubted God’s will to heal them. She asks the universal questions: Aren’t Christians supposed to suffer? How could these people be so sure He wanted them well? And if He wants His people well, why was she suffering? While writing the book, she grabbed hold of Truth and received her own healing from a painful condition. This book is a study guide for those who seek, knock, and ask until they find victory.


Shadow in the Rain

Helm Publishing: 2007. 274 p.
(paperback) ISBN 978-0-9778205-8

Once in every journalist's life comes a story that must be told. This is mine. Rather than write another documentary on the miscarriage of criminal justice, I chose a fictional story based on this real-life court case. No Motive was Ever Proven - No Eyewitness Ever Testified -  No Murder Weapon Was Ever Found

Shadow in the Rain is based on a description furnished by police reports, video surveillance tapes, and the theory of a nationally known criminologist/forensic scientist on which this story is based. Added details are from witnesses who came forth after the original investigation.

This is a must read for those who hope to see changes in the criminal justice system, those who are hoping to see a new trial for Ted Kuhl, imprisoned since 1997, and for any person who is wrongly accused of a crime.

Shadow in the Rain was written for those of us who hope to see changes in the criminal justice system and for anyone wrongfully accused of a crime.

Shadow in the Rain
is marketed by Starship Press, Inc., where Ms. Ford is Head of Public Relations

Ghostly Tales
Jones Barnett: 2009 (paperback) 141 p.
ISBN: 978 1 4392 43050
ISBN - 13: 9781439243053

Ghostly Tales
blends History, Ghostly Tales, and Pulls a Few Tails, for Family Fun on Stormy Nights. It is dedicated to the Barnett Family and all of the good, the bad, and the ugly people of Kinta, Oklahoma. (Actually, I never met a Kinta person I didn't like, and not one of them is ugly.)

The editor, Harriett Barnett Ford, is the daughter of the book's author, the late Jones Barnett. Both were blessed with the gift of writing and the unique talent of storytelling. Enjoy the local flavor, legend, and lore of southern Oklahoma in this fun to read anthology, Ghostly Tales.