Many are the wonders of both the SEEN and the UNSEEN world.   Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD or fully declare his praise?   (Psalm 106:2)

Why Even Try?
Father, I'm writing the same truths that men of faith wrote in past centuries.
Why should I do this? The Lord seemed to whisper: Truth does not change.
Write for your generation.

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hlfordBecause knowledge rests not on truth alone but on recognizing and exposing error...

As reporter for a weekly newspaper in Rockford, Illinois, I wrote a series of articles on the case of a Ted Kuhl, convicted without any forensic evidence, without motive, without any murder weapon ever found, and the singles testimony of a man who changed his "eye witness" story, 16 times as a matter of court record. The injustice I saw stirred my writer's soul to expose this error.   Shadow in the Rain became my first book

Later still,  I began to volunteer at a "Little shop of Miracles,"

If God Wants Me Well,
Why am I Sick?

Hi Everyone! I've been working hard on my fifth book, a collection of healing miracles, titled: IF GOD WANTS ME WELL, WHY AM I SICK? This has been a fascinating exploration into the supernatural realm of divine healing. I've interviewed some marvelous people and made some fabulous friends. I just hosted Missionary Brenda Lange, who's miraculous story of Crispo's recovery from a deadly black mamba bite is included in the book. Wow. What a testimony.

The Copper Coin in Branson, MO. Visitors to that inspiring gift shop proved an excellent and never ending source of supernatural stories--the God kind. Having both a passion for telling these stories to plant seeds of hope and faith in the lives of others, and also to glorify the Lord who is the Author and Finisher of faith, I began writing these wonderful testimonies based on the foundation of Truth as revealed in God's Word.

God dropped the title, Supervention into my mind. What does it mean? I found it in my Oxford American Dictionary. This is the first in what I expect to be a series, declaring the wonders of the Unseen as God makes Himself real to the people who seek Him.

The explosion of interest in the dark side of the supernatural is cause for exposing unseen evil as well.  The Kaytie Flame trilogy (now in progress) explores the mysterious and hidden dangers Beyond Fantasy. Kaytie's job as a journalist is to take the mystery out of the mysterious, explain the unexplained and put the natural back into false claims of the supernatural. Sometimes she even unscrews the inscrutable. hlford_books

Ghostly Tales For Family Fun on a Stormy Night is a wit and humor laced, historic, and legend-filled book, compiled of stories by my Word War II veteran father, a delightful read.

Enter my world of both the Seen and the Unseen where a mystery can become a marvelous Truth to change lives, or a fantasy can expose a ancient evil to be conquered.

Coming In the Spring
Three New Katie Flame Books
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