Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706

RE: Petition for New Trial

Honorable Governor:

I am asking for the release of Rockford, IL man, Ted Kuhl, who has been in prison since 1997, convicted of a crime in which far more reasonable doubt exists than proof of his guilt. In actuality there was no proof.

Kuhl was convicted with absolutely no forensic evidence, no gun ever found, no motive, and only a single witness who changed his story 16 times as a matter of court record.

While we recognize that no exculpatory evidence has surfaced, we believe that police and judicial errors in the case -- the prosecutor admitted in a post-conviction-relief hearing that he withheld from the jury the fact that the star witness lied -- merit at the very least a new trial. Kuhl lost his final appeal on a technicality, a missed filing deadline.

A Boy Scout leader, father and hardworking man with no previous criminal history of any kind, Kuhl became the suspect only after several days had gone by and his best friend. Ricky Mueller, had been terrorized into accusing him rather than become a suspect himself.

The facts in the case are very few, but it is apparent from police reports that both Kuhl and Ricky Mueller underwent extreme interrogations such as Gary Gauger of McHenry County underwent when he signed a hypothetical statement which landed him on death row for murdering both his parents--a crime for which he was later completely exonerated.

It's time to end the reputation that the state of Illinois has earned for holding the record of wrongful convictions. It's time to end the nightmare for Ted Kuhl.



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