Once in every journalist's life comes a story that must be told. This is mine. Rather than write another documentary on the miscarriage of criminal justice, I chose a fictional story based on this real-life court case.

         No Motive was Ever Proven
         No Eyewitness Ever Testified
         No Murder Weapon Was Ever Found

Shadow in the Rain is based on a description furnished by police reports, video surveillance tapes, and the theory of a nationally known criminologist/forensic scientist on which this story is based. Added details are from witnesses who came forth after the original investigation.

This is a must read for those who hope to see changes in the criminal justice system, those who are hoping to see a new trial for Ted Kuhl, imprisoned since 1997, and for any person who is wrongly accused of a crime.

arrowIf You Enjoy a Short Story
Every Now and Then,
Romantic or Suspenseful ....

Harriett Barnett Ford, a Kinta, Oklahoma, native now living in Saddlebrooke, Missouri, is pleased to say that Welkin Press has just released two anthologies which include two of her award-winning short stories, one in each collection.

If you like to read a short romantic story now and then, read Fifty Shades of Santa, a Christmas themed romance, non-explicit, and available on Kindle at Amazon.com.

Also available on Kindle is the second collection, Shadows After Midnight, a group of twelve old-fashioned spooky tales (non-gory suspense)

Should your book club or business decide to choose a Welkin Press anthology, arrangements could be made for some of the authors to share their enjoyable and laughable comments.


Harriett's New Cookbook is On Sale Now!


What makes this cookbook unique
is that she fell heir to an aging and crumbling
She included historic recipes and menus
from that marvelous book, as well as timeless recipes from her family and neighbors.

There is a laugh (from her humor column) on most pages as well.

Contact Harriett for ordering information.

A portion of the proceeds from Eatin' Britches is going to Jacob's House at Thunder Ranch. If you don't know about Jacob's House, it's a non-government supported home for abused, abandoned, or neglected children.